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Upgrading an old Elma installation to Elma Online

It is easiest to install Elma Online (EOL) through Steam as explained in Installing EOL. However, if you have already purchased Elasto Mania before it was published on Steam (in May 2020), you can still upgrade it to EOL without having to buy it again on Steam, although it's a bit more tricky.

If you have a pre-Steam Elma installation, you should have one of these Elma versions: 1.0, 1.1, 1.11, 1.11a, 1.11h (unofficial community update), 1.11hb (unofficial community update), or 1.2 (unofficial community update). The version number is shown on Elma's intro screen.

Upgrading from Elma 1.0 - 1.11hb to Elma 1.2

If you already have Elma 1.2, you can skip this section. But when upgrading from an Elma version older than 1.2, you need to first update the Elma.res file into a version compatible with Elma 1.2 and EOL. A backup copy of your Elma folder doesn't hurt, in case something goes wrong.

  1. Download ResEdit.
  2. Extract the zip into your Elma folder.
  3. There should now be a file called ResEdit.exe, and a subfolder called "res" with these files: A13.LEB, add.inf, DESCLIST.TXT and Intro12.pcx.
  4. Run ResEdit.exe (in Elma folder) and press the button "Import Pack", then "Ok" and "Yes". The Elma.res file has now been updated to version 1.2.
  5. You can now delete ResEdit.exe and the res folder (and the backup elma.res.bak file that ResEdit.exe created, once you have verified that everything works after the upgrade).

Upgrading from Elma 1.2 to EOL

Actually, the only files you need from your Elma 1.2 installation are:

  • Elma.res (from Elma version 1.2; see the above section for how to upgrade from older versions),
  • LGR folder, with the default LGR file (or any other LGR renamed to default.lgr) in it,
  • (Optional:) Lev folder with your .lev files,
  • (Optional:) Rec folder with your .rec files,
  • (Optional:) state.dat, if you want to keep your progress and times on the internal levels and your Elma key configuration.

Then, do the following steps:

  1. Download the latest EOL update from https://elma.online/help/updates.
  2. Unzip the update (it has three files: bs.dll, eolconf.exe and startballe.exe) into a new folder, let's say "EOL".
  3. TODO: instructions for getting eol.exe
  4. Copy your Elma.res file and the LGR folder (and optionally the Lev and Rec folders and state.dat) from your Elma 1.2 installation into the EOL folder.
  5. (Optional:) Get a custom ddraw.dll file from https://elma.online/help/eolfiles to make EOL run smoother. There are a few different versions of the dll file included, you can try which one works the best for you (it depends on your hardware and GPU drivers). Just place the ddraw.dll file you want to test into the EOL folder.

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