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Level is a composition of polygons, pictures and objects that form a playable area for the kuski. Levels are usually made in the internal editor, but there are also many external editors for that. A level has always a start object and at least one exit object (flower). The level can also contain a limited number of apples and killers. All external levels are stored in the Elma\Lev folder, and they have a .lev extension. Some of the levels may have been saved as locked so that they could never be edited again, but the newer Elma versions can edit locked levels, too.

Internal levels are packed in the Elma.res file. An internal level can be converted to an external one by creating in the editor a new level named QWQUU0XX.lev (XX=the number of the internal level), and then by opening it again.

New players sometimes call levels "tracks" or "maps", but map usually means the minimap found in lower corners of the ingame playing screen and "track" makes no sense, as levels in Elasto Mania are dynamic and don't really have tracks.

Common level elements

  • loops & spirals (Loop-de-Loop, Spiral)
  • hangs (Serpents Tale, Pipe)
  • rollercoasters (some levels of the first World Cups organized by PeXi)
  • pipes (Headbanger, Bowling)
  • jumps (several levels, if not nearly all)
  • islands (Twin Peaks, Islands in the Sky)
  • zig-zags (Zig-Zag)
  • falls (Turnaround, Freefall)