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The whole point of playing the game online is to battle against each other, speedrunning through a level finding the best possible tricks to achieve faster and faster times. Therefore we need levels, plenty of them. On a regular day, over thirty battles are played in Elma Online, so everyone is welcome to make levels. However, there is a certain level designing etiquette (also known as common sense) in Elma Online that we want everyone to follow!


Startballe eol.png

With this program you can start a battle. There might be a battle on, but don't worry, there is a queue (max one level per user allowed in the queue). If something goes wrong, you can ask moderators to abort your battle, preferably before the battle has started, if possible. Note that the appearance of startballe.exe depends on what rights you have. For example, you're not able to abort battles if you don't have aborting right.

Before you start a battle

Always be careful about the level you are starting. Test the level to make sure all jumps etc. are possible and all apples reachable. Make sure you put the start object back in its place after testing if you have moved it around. Don't forget any apples or killers. Make sure there aren't any hangs or rollercoasters with too narrow parts.

There are many types of battles that you can start. The most common and favored battle is a regular hidden ("see others" unchecked) battle on an external level. Never start a battle on an old level, this is the most important thing about starting battles. The whole point is that nobody should know the level in advance.