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There are several different types of battles that can be started:

Name Description Recommended level types
Normal A standard battle. The player with the fastest time, or the most apples collected wins. Most levels, except those that obviously fit better in other types of battles.
One-life A race, best result in a single attempt wins. Linear levels with many apples. Not too hard and not too short.
First Finish The first one to get a time wins. The result will be the elapsed time of the battle, not the time for the run. Same as for one-life, but can be harder and very long.
Slowness The one who finishes with the slowest time wins. Levels with very steep downhills. The point is it should be impossible to stop anywhere (without dying).
Survivor The one who can stay alive the longest without dying or finishing wins. Same as for Slowness, but it doesn't have to be finishable.
1 Hour TT The one who gets best total time in the 54 internal levels in 1 hour wins. N/A
Last Counts Only the last run for each player counts. Everytime you enter the level your time will be reset. Höylä levels.
Flag Tag Exactly like the built-in Flag Tag mode, only online. Levels with many routes, apples not needed.
Apple The first player to pick all apples wins, but you don't have to pick all apples in same run. Exploring/Challenge levels
Speed Times doesn't matter, only top speed! Easy levels without buggy places that can give unrealistic speeds.
Finish Count The most number of finishes of the level wins. Short höylä levels

There are also several restrictions, called cripples, that you can apply to any battle:

  • No-Turn: The turn key (default: Space) is disabled. You cannot change direction.
  • No-Volt: The volting keys (default: left/right arrows and the alovolt key) are disabled.
  • No-Throttle: The acceleration key (default: up arrow) is disabled.
  • No-Brake: The brake key (default: down arrow) is disabled.
  • Always Throttle: You always accelerate and cannot brake.
  • One Turn: Exactly one turn is allowed.
  • One Wheel: Only one wheel at a time is allowed to touch the ground.
  • Drunk: Everytime you take an apple, Throttle/Brake and Left/Right volt are switched.
  • Apple Bugs: Times with apple bugs are counted in results (if you take 1 apple with both wheels at the same time game counts it as 2). Useful option for pipe levels and if you want to make levels where skipping apples is possible.