Old Rules

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List of rules

  • Don't spam, flood or write in other languages than English in the chat

Try to be respectful in the chat and don't repeat yourself too much or write in a language only a few can understand. There are precious few chat lines displayed and people don't want it to be filled with text they don't understand.

  • Don't cheat or hack the server

Obviously cheating in any way or trying to hack the server is absolutely forbidden.

  • Don't start forbidden battles

Don't start the same battle too many times, preferably only once. Don't start battles on internals unless you have a very good reason. Don't start battles on offensive, buggy or otherwise unsuitable levels. Also make sure the level is finishable, unless it's for a survivor battle when it might be appropriate to be impossible to finish.

Punishments for breaking rules

If you are new to Belma you will probably be warned once or more before you are banned. If you are banned you are blocked from certain aspects of the server, such as the chat or the ability to start battles, or in extreme cases completely from the server.

However, currently in Belma the banning system is very crude and it's only possible to completely stop offenders to get access to the server.