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Elma Online

Elma Online (EOL) is an expanded version of Elasto Mania, featuring online playing and many other new features. It is a community-developed and maintained version that was originally built on top of Elasto Mania 1.2.

EOL is the de facto version of Elasto Mania that the community uses for playing and competing, ever since its first online version in 2007. EOL is where all the battles and cups are played, and all the world records on internal levels must be driven in EOL for them to count as official WRs.

The Elma Online website is the main hub for everything related to EOL.

New features in EOL


  • Online functionality with a centralized server
  • The ability to see other people driving
  • Online battles
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • All levs ever played are saved in the database
  • All times, replays and various playing statistics are saved for every level
  • Ingame best time tables
  • Ingame chat, including private messages and team chat
  • FPS limiter
  • Speed-o-meter and max speed
  • Last apple time and apple count, also when watching recs
  • Download a lev from the database: ctrl + F4, then type the filename (no extension)
  • Built-in constfps function (saving a replay as .pcx image files that you can convert into video)
  • ...and much more!

Battle modes and options

  • Normal battles
  • Multiplayer battles
  • One-life
  • First finish
  • Slowness
  • Survivor
  • Last finish counts
  • Finish count
  • 1 hour TT (for internals)
  • Flag tag
  • Apple
  • Speed
  • Last finish counts
  • No turn, one turn
  • No throttle, no brake, always throttle
  • No volt
  • One wheel
  • Allow apple bugs
  • Hidden times
  • Drunk (left/right and throttle/brake keys are swapped after each apple)
  • Allow starter yes/no
  • 24h TT (personal, for internals)

Increased level limits

  • Objects: 250 (+ start and finish objects)
  • Polygons: 1200
  • Vertices: 20000
  • Pictures: 5000
  • Levels shown in the editor list: ?
  • Ingame level editor is now able to show large levels properly


  • Shows the real time of the observed kuski
  • Free camera: F1 + Enter (when in menu)


Moderators can give/take the following rights to/from players:

  • Play
  • Chat
  • Start battles
  • Start special battles
  • Start 24 hour tt contest
  • Abort and stop battles
  • Play multiplayer

Moderators can also completely ban players.

Collected stats

  • Total driving stats for each player
    • Playing time
    • Finishes
    • Apples taken
    • Apple bug finishes
    • Deaths
    • Escapes
    • Throttle time
    • Brake time
    • Left volts
    • Right volts
    • Supervolts
    • Turns
  • Player stats
    • Ranking
    • Battle experience points
    • Battle wins
    • Best battle winning row
  • Internal level stats
    • Overall best times
    • TopX (Unlimited) for each internal, single/multiplayer separately
    • Separate stats for crippled modes
    • Separate stats for maximum speed
  • External level stats
    • TopX (Unlimited) for each level, single/multiplayer separately
    • Playing time & number of finishes
    • All finished times

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