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  • Multiplaying online.
  • Speed-o-meter and max speed.
  • Last apple time and apple count, also when watching recs
  • Function keys work also in the editor and when watching recs
  • All levs ever played are saved in the database
  • Download a lev from the database: ctrl + F4, then type the filename (no extension)
  • Ingame best time tables
  • Autoupload battle winning rec (also upload/download doesn't interfere with playing)
  • Fast kuski search: ctrl + letter
  • TCP only mode
  • FPS limiter
  • See battle queue ingame
  • Built-in constfps function (saving .pcx image files you can convert into video)
  • ...


Moderators can give/take the following rights to/from players:

  • Play
  • Chat
  • Start battles
  • Start special battles
  • Start cup
  • Start 24 hour tt contest
  • Abort and stop battles
  • Play multiplayer

Moderators can also completely ban players.


  • Private messages
  • Works also in the editor and when watching recs
  • Ignore
  • Scrolling
  • Set the number of lines shown


  • Free camera: F1 + Enter (when in menu)
  • Shows the real time of the observed kuski

New battle modes and options

  • Last finish counts
  • Flag tag
  • Apple
  • Speed
  • Drunk
  • One turn
  • Hidden times
  • Allow starter yes/no
  • Allow apple bugs
  • 24h tt
  • Cup
  • One wheel
  • Multiplayer battle

Increased limits

  • Objects: 250 (+ start and finish objects)
  • Polygons: ?
  • Vertices: ?
  • Pictures: ?
  • Levels shown in the editor list: ?
  • Ingame level editor is now able to show large levels properly

Collected stats

  • Total driving stats for each player:

-Playing time -Finishes -Apples taken -Apple bug finishes -Deaths -Escapes -Throttle time -Brake time -Left volts -Right volts -Supervolts -Turns

  • Player stats:

-Ranking -Battle experience points -Battle wins -Best battle winning row

  • Internal level stats

-Top Unlimited (?) for each internal, single/multiplayer separately -Separate stats for crippled modes -Separate stats for maximum speed -Overall best times

  • External level stats

-Top Unlimited (?) -Playing time & number of finishes -All finished times

  • Much more (battles, chat log, stats for a specific day, ranking lists, ranking for a specific day, ...)