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Mopolauta topic:

Download link is in lauta topic. To use FancyPic you need to patch your lgr (follow the above link - takes 5 seconds)

FancyPic Retro

FancyPic Retro makes custom images based off the default.lgr pictures, meaning that it is specific to the normal default.lgr, but doesn't require anything more. It has a limited color set


FancyBoost (FancyPic 2) makes custom images using the lgr palette. It requires a patch to your lgr file [1]. If your lgr does not use the default palette, some colors may be messed up.


1. Will patching my lgr files destroy the original lgr file?

  • The original lgr file is automatically saved in a backup folder during patching

2. Does this affect my fps?

  • No

3. Will this affect how I see any levels that are not boosted?

  • All other levels will look exactly the same

4. How do I unboost my lgr file?

  • Use the backup in the backup folder, or
  • Use LGR Utility (find on lauta or sla's program list) to unzip your lgr file. Change the lgr.txt file "HQ" to "no" and then rezip the file, or
  • EasyLGR.exe on sla's program list has an unbooster.exe program

5. How does patching work?

  • It adds 256 colors representing the full elma palette as secret pictures named zzXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the hex color

FancyPic levels

FancyPic Retro

  • Dino Run 2 levelpack: [2]
  • cso997: [3]


  • boost00-boost02: [4]
  • girla: [5]
  • becchi10: [6]
  • harc904: [7]
  • harc972: [8]
  • harc974: [9]
  • harc974f: [10]
  • WCup715: [11]
  • wheelbr: [12]
  • Elastomania Pack Ultra Fancy Boosted Technology 2017 by Sla [13]