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EOL2 is the tentative name of a game that aims to be the (unofficial) successor of Elasto Mania (and EOL), adding many new features. It uses exactly the same physics engine as original Elma 1.11a.

EOL2 is designed to be multi-platform (Windows, Linux, OS X). It also runs on modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

See the related Mopolauta topic.

On 21st December 2017, the tentative name was changed to EOL2. The old name was Elma 2, which is now reserved for the official Elasto Mania 2.

EOL2 is no longer actively being developed. For more information, see this Mopolauta post.

Download & install

Latest update: 23.12.2017 (version 0.5.1)


EOL2 should work fine on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has been tested on Windows 10.

Download either of the Windows ZIPs. Unzip it to anywhere.


EOL2 has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

  1. Install gdebi:
    sudo apt-get install gdebi
  2. In the directory where you downloaded the DEB package, run the command
    sudo gdebi <deb file name here>
  3. Launch EOL2 with
    cd /opt/eol2 && ./eol2

If you get an error like

./eol2: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.8' not found (required by ./eol2)
./eol2: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found (required by ./eol2)

then you need to adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH like this:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/eol2/lib


Unpack the .tar.gz archive and double-click eol2. When running for the first time, you probably need to bypass the security check with Ctrl+click -> Open.


If you are having problems in getting EOL2 to work, the file eol2_log.txt may be helpful. Paste its contents in this Mopolauta topic so we can find out better what's wrong. (If it's very long output, go to Pastebin and just give link in that topic, or upload the text file somewhere.)

Planned level format

The following is a list of planned new features and changes to level format. See also the related Mopolauta topic.

  • New polygon type: texture polygon. It would be possible to select texture for this polygon, and also whether it is solid (like ground polygons) or hollow (like normal pictures and textures). If it's hollow, clipping type could be chosen (ground/sky/both). This would remove the need for traditional, rectangular textures (and their masks too).
  • Choose initial parameters for kuski:
    • Direction
    • Angle
    • Velocity
    • Body and wheel positions
    • Gravity direction
  • Increase/remove limits (maximum width/height, number of apples/killers/flowers/vertices/polygons/pictures/textures, level title/filename length).
  • Choose amount of apples that need to be taken before flower.
    • More general idea: Set weights for apples (and allow finishing when the total weight of collected apples is at least equal to a specified limit)
  • The name of level designer.
  • The creation/modification date of the level.
  • Level description.
  • Allow levels without flowers (all apples collected = finish).
  • Rotate, resize and crop pictures.
  • Option to force apples to be taken in a specific order.

Planned replay format

The following is a list of planned new features and changes to replay format.

  • Name of driver
  • Timestamp of the replay (when it was driven)
  • Better information about how the ride ended (died by touching ground/killer with head/wheel, finished by touching flower (or the last apple) with head/wheel)
  • Save timestamps of brake + gas keypresses? If needed, this could be made optional in case the driver doesn't want to reveal too much information
  • Duration (even if the driver didn't finish)
  • Allow merging as many replays as needed, not just 2
  • One wheel replay or not

What is the "datafiles" folder?

The "datafiles" folder contains some files that are required for EOL2 to work. The subfolders "looknfeel", "imagesets" and "schemes" contain descriptions about the look and feel of menus. EOL2 uses the look and feel called "TaharezLook". So by editing the "TaharezLook.*" files, it is possible to customize the look and feel of EOL2.

Note: The "TaharezLook.looknfeel" file may get modified during development, so try not to edit it too much. You may have to merge the changes if you've edited it.


EOL2 0.1.0 running on Windows 7:

Elma2 win7.png

EOL2 0.1.0 running on Ubuntu 12.04:

Elma2 ubuntu.png