Capturing FPS

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In Elma Online it is possible to record replays (extracting frames from them) without using external programs.


  1. First, you need a windower or capturing will be very slow.
  2. Open eolconf.exe and set recording settings and especially number in Capture FPS.
  3. Open windower, click on + and run eol.exe by double clicking it.
  4. Go to the replay you want to capture and press F1 + ENTER to start recording.
    • You can capture multiplayer replays by pressing ENTER on first replay and F1 + ENTER for second player;
    • You can switch player with 1/2 keys;
    • You cannot use replay motion keys;
    • You can escape before replay finishes.
  5. Frames captured are saved in same folder as eol.exe.
  6. Create video file from frames with programs such as VirtualDubMod or VideoMach