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The frontpage of the Elma Online site contains some of the most used information as well as the login and registration forms.

Latest battles

This shows the 15 latest battles including currently running and queued battles.

The first column is a red or green button that indicates if the battle is over or still running, red means it has ended and green means it's still on. If there's no button it means that it is queued which is also stated in the second column.

The second column indicates when the battle was started and also links to the stats page for that battle. If the battle is just queued this is stated instead.

The third column shows the name of the level as well as provides a link to download the level.

The fourth column shows the designer of the battle as well as links to that kuski's page.

Winner of last battle

This simply states who won the last ended battle, with a picture of the kuski's shirt, aswell as the nick, level and time the battle started. The links works the same way as in Latest Battles.

Login/Register/Kuski Box

If you're logged in this shows your nick and team, link to admin panel if you have any admin rights, link to settings page where you can change settings and an X which is used to log out.

If you're not logged in there will be a form to do so, simply write your nick and password to login. If you're not yet registered you can do so in the registration form underneath. All you have to do is write your nick, possible team, desired password and choose your nationality.

Cup ON

This will only show when a cup is currently going on. It provides a link to download the level, info on who started the cup and time until it ends.


This is the place where new features and other things will be announced. By clicking on the headline you can read the full news article aswell as read and write comments.

Chat Log

The chat log shows the 15 latest in-game chat lines. By clicking on the chat headline you get to a page with full chat logs.