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On the battles page you can browse all played battles. You can use the powerful search function to find any sort of battle from any time period you want. The tabs will filter the selected days battles to that certain battle type.

Battles main

Select Date

In the left column you can select a date to see the battles from played that day. Simply press desired date and possibly month and year if you want another than the current month/year.


The center column lists todays battles or the selected dates battles if another day has been selected. Beside selecting date in the left column you can always use the left and right arrow to browse previous dates. Click the time to see detailed stats from a certain battle. Click the level's filename to download it. Click the battle winner's name to see his stats.


You can use this advanced search to find any battle by Crippled, type, designer, filename pattern and date range.

Detailed battle stats

The page that shows the detailed stats of a certain battle.

Battle Results

Here you will obviously find the results of the battle, along with some info such as type, length and time of the battle. Click the winner time to download replay.


Battle Stats


Here you can download level and replay, or watch replay in the flash player by coco. You can report designer or player if you think the battle is disallowed or someone cheated. You can rate the level and replay if you played the battle on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best.

Playing time

Here you can see for how long time players played the battle and how many finishes they got. The playing time is actual playing time, which means time in menu or the like is not counted.

All Finished Times

Here you can view all the times players have finished the battle in ordered either chronologically or by time.

After Battle Best Times

This shows all best times in the level, including time driving during the battle, time driven in the level after the battle and eventually times driven in the level before the battle.


You can comment the battle, remember normal chat rules apply.