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Many members of the community have contributed with a variety of software for the game, such as level editors, sites, LGR editors, level generators, and more. Some have shared helpful information about the game, such as .lev and .rec file structures. On top of that, some players have created APIs and software libraries to help others with the creation of programs, while some of the programs are as well open source. Mostly, all of this information can be found dispersedly in Mopolauta, but as time goes by, more people join the community and some of this helpful stuff tend to be forgotten and difficult to find.

The purpose of this section is to organize, maintain, and to provide helpful links and information about all the software related stuff that the community have created for the game, and for the developers that want to collaborate to improve our experience as players and as a community.

Level Editors

YALE: Create collaborative levels online. To start creating a collaborative level, choose a key at the editors link to create a new room (for example, then everyone who accesses this link will be able to edit the level at the same time. Reference: YALE by ville_j

Smibu's Level Editor (SLE): One of the most updated editors on the scene, forms part of the program Elmanager created by Smibu. This editor contains the most advanced tools for level making. Reference: Elmanager

Zebra's Level Editor (ZLE): Easy to use level editor with many features, including level generator tools. Reference: Zebra's Level Editor

Advanced Level Editor (ALE): Maybe the oldest level editor with a complete set of useful features. Download: ALE v2.1 by Nicolas Reference: Advanced Level Editor v.2.1

Online Level Editor (OLE): Create levels online. Thorough editor, stylish and easy to use. Reference: Online Level Editor by ville_j

NEW!: Smoothen, simplify, transform, merge and convert polygons into pipes or uphills. This editor contains a very useful image handling and a great Level to Image tool. Reference: NEW! by totem Download: NEW!_1.7.5b.msi

Uphill Generator Online: Quickly generate all types of uphills and downhills online, it will show a preview before you can download your new level. Reference: Level generator beta by ville_j

Rad's Level Maker: Program to create levels from bitmaps and vice versa, with scale, rotate and translate options. Also as a by-product you can convert level into level (with transformations) and bitmap into bitmap. It is a friendly interface for using VectRast, which you can operate through command line arguments. Downloads: Rad's Level Maker, VectRast (sources included), VectRast project on github


RecSource: Check all battle win replays and upload your own replays. It is considered the youtube of replays, granted with the Contribution Award to ville_j and Max at the Golden Apple Awards 2015. Reference: by ville_j

Elma Online Extensions

EOL to IRC gateway: At IRC channel #irc_eol@ircnet, it shows information about current battles and their results. It also shows the current chat on Elma Online and you can send message from the channel to the Elma Online chat, by writing a plus sign (+) at the beginning of your comment. Reference: EOL to IRC gateway by Domovoy

Battle Notifier: Desktop application that shows toast notifications for Elma Online battles. Includes battles map image, choose between many notification settings and styles, filter designers and battle types. Reference: Battle Notifier by Pab

Elma Center: Chrome Extension that shows the current battle information on Elma Online. Includes battles map image and popup notifications. Reference: Elma Center: Chrome extension by skint0r

Notifyballe: Easy to use desktop program that shows toast notifications of battles from Elma Online. It shows the information of the battle when it starts and it includes filtering of battle types. Reference: notifyballe by Ropelli

Replay Management

Run Replay Offline: Desktop program to watch replays, with advanced rendering settings and 3D view. Run the setup file to install it, then copy the RunReplayOffline.exe into the folder to update to new version. Download: RunReplaysOffline by totem

LGR Editors

EasyLGR Editor: Create and modify LGRs with this tool. Download: EasyLGR

LGRselector: Change your default LGR in game while playing. Reference: LGRselector by dawid


Pab's Level Stats Maker (PLSM): Generate stats for level packs or any set of levels, filter players, customizable penalty times, choose generation settings. Reference: PLSM by Pab

BRemover: This simple program lets you remove the best time from a level. For example, it can be used to remove an undesired bug time. Download: BRemover by nh

LevStats: Make stats for level packs, write the pattern of the levels (i.e. Lost??) and create the stats file. Download: LevStats by CSabi

Images and Recording

Map Maker beta: Create mini map look-alike images (.bmp) from level files. Includes customizable colors for polygons, sky and objects, customizable image size (limited), and it lets include arrows for gravity apples. Download: MM117b by Domovoy

Game Performance

ddraw wrapper: More efficient ddraw.dll, which is responsible for the rendering routines in Elasto Mania. The new dll effectively hastens the rendering process (=higher fps) and complies with 32-bit graphics. It also has native support for windowed mode, convenient to play on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Reference: Elastomania ddraw wrapper by Ropelli

Game Mods

No content yet.

Developers corner

Elma Online API: Get the data for levels, battles, players and times, from Elma Online site API. Reference: Elma Online API 2.0 by Kopaka

EOL direct API: Start battles and get current battle information, offers direct interaction with Elma Online server. Reference: EOL direct API by Domovoy

Elma Python Library: Open Source library that handles Elasto Mania files. Reference: Elma Python Library by sigveseb

External Program Lists

Sla's program list An external website made by Sla with a list of programs: Sla's program list