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The Kuski of month (KOM) was an award that was given out every month, to a deserving player. The winner might have been a merited total-warrior, WR-crusher, webmaster of an acclaimed Elma site, graphics artist or whoever that had driven Elma or done some positive elma-related things in the scene. An interview would be written by the winner and posted on Moposite.

This kuski was chosen by the Elma community in a poll on Mopolauta. Every month there were five candidates to vote on. The candidates were chosen by the Moposite crew; the candidate who got the second-most votes in one month went directly into the next month's poll. Individual organizers of the KOM polls were: Abula, MagnusB, SveinR, dz and Raven, in successive order.


The first KOM poll was held in January 2001, and it quickly got popular. The first 14 polls were conducted on the Moposite main page, with no registration needed to vote. It then got moved to Mopolauta, with the first poll there in March 2002. The number of candidates also got changed from 10 to 5. The number of votes on the polls on Mopolauta were a lot fewer than they had been with the old system, and the main reason for this is probably that one person could cheat and vote more than once with the old system.

Initially there was only possible to get the KOM award once, ie. previous winners could not be selected for new polls. This was changed in November 2004, where it was decided that old winners could be eligible to be candidates in new KOM polls after three years.



Month Winner Interview
January zyntifox
February MrDJ
March MUe
April Stikky
May Karlis
June pajen
July MGen
August ciph
September CSabi
October deadelous
November psy
December dz


Month Winner Interview
January Jeppe
February BarTek & ribot
March mrickx
April Abula
May Cloud
June TorInge
July GuyB
August DarMoeD
September px
October Nostrada
November Jokke
December kuiva


Month Winner Interview
January milagros
February Ramone
March Mick
April Zweq
May Zsolt
June Jalli
July SoC
August MP
September Markku
October skint0r
November Luther
December mr


Month Winner Interview
January TomCat
February MJXII
March Juzam
April Tantal
May Axxu
June John
July Stini
August nh
September SveinR
October Viper_KillerGuy
November Karlis
December MadMan


Month Winner Interview
January zebra
February insane guy
March Raider
April Crazy
May Jeppe
June TorInge
July J-sim
August Dariuz
September The OooO
October xp
November infected
December Homer


Month Winner Interview
January milagros
February Memphis
March Kuper
April Zweq
May petsen
June ANpDaD
July proDigy
August Raven
September Xiphias
October Markku


Month Winner Interview
May Kazan
June Raven
July John
August adi
September Zweq
October zaraptor
November talli

Multiple winners

The players with more than one Kuski of month victory.

# Winner 1st time 2nd time 3rd time
1. Zweq Apr 2003 Apr 2006 Sep 2009
2. Karlis May 2001 Nov 2004
3. Jeppe Jan 2002 May 2005
4. TorInge Jun 2002 Jun 2005
5. milagros Jan 2003 Jan 2006
6. Markku Sep 2003 Oct 2006
7. Raven Aug 2006 Jun 2009
7. John Jun 2004 Jul 2009