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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a network protocol that allows people from all around the world to chat with each other in real time.


To connect to IRC you can download an IRC client, such as mIRC, Irssi, or chat directly from a web browser by using a webchat site. The first thing you must do when connecting to IRC is to select which network you want to connect to. Currently most Elma related channels are on the network IRCNet. A webchat for IRCNet is XS4ALL.


The main Elma channels are:

  • #across - Main channel, named from the first version of Elma, Action Supercross
  • #battle - The channel for Elma Online. Go here if you have any questions that aren't answered in this wiki. There is a bot here too, which announces new battles and battle results.
  • #irc_eol - The gateway between IRCnet and EOL chat with a bot made by Domovoy that sends messages both ways. Private messages are supported too.
  • #new_elma - Discussion around the development of Elma 2.
  • #kopasite - The official channel for Kopasite with a bot that announces new times.
  • #gaa - The annual final show of Golden Apple Awards is hosted here.
  • #ballelma - The official channel for Belma. Results from Belma battles were pasted here by the belma server irc bot. The channel is still available, but it's pretty dead now.


#battle is the official channel for Elma Online.


eol-server is a bot which announces new battle aswell as aborts and the end of battles along with the results of that battle. This bot is a part of the eol server program. KOPASITE[] is a bot made by Kopaka which provides additional functionality. At the start of a battle it provides the url to that battle's page on the eol site. It also has the command !queue which gives you the current battle queue when used.