Golden Apple Awards 2013

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The show was held on IRCnet #gaa on October 4th 2014, at 16:00 EET. The GAA period was from January 1st 2013 - December 31st 2013.


The following is a list of GAA winners for 2013.

# Category Winner
1. Internalist Spef
2. Externalist Kazan
3. Battler Zero
4. Rookie PELUSON27
5. Designer Danielj
6. Team MiE
7. WR 06. Long Haul: 29,91 Spef #368
8. Style Bjenn's and bene's WCup610
9. Replay WCup608.lev: 39,20 Zweq
10. Level WCup614.lev QueenCup07 by MP
11. Contest World Cup 6
12. Contribution Ramone: Hosting World Cup 6 and also selecting and modifying the levels for it, creating the Found Internals levelpack
13. Achievement Kazan: World Cup 6 overall win, with 7 event wins
14. Site World Cup 6 site
15. Art nick-o-matic's WCup613 level
16. Community Award Ramone
# Category Winner


1. Internalist, Spef:

2. Externalist, Kazan:

3. Battler, Zero:

4. Rookie, PELUSON27:

5. Designer, Danielj:

6. Team, MiE:
adi: Koopa not being here is a tragedy since he is an integral part of our team
nick-o-matic: yes
roope: yes
nick-o-matic: talli needs speech too
nick-o-matic: he joined in december 2013
Markku- sets mode: +v talli
nick-o-matic: perhaps it is now a good moment to announce that we are going to arrange a mie cup in near future
nick-o-matic: levels by koopa too
roope: get #stoked
adi: yes
roope: i dont have much to say: thx voters, hope in scene not lost
nick-o-matic: yes thank you
adi: thx
roope: (curtains close)

7. WR, Spef:
Spef: thank you, thank you! 06 time was very good I think. It helped a lot that it was Bjenn who first beated me. so thanks to him too.
Spef: For internalist it must've been close with Kazan, haven't seen results. But if he played even slightly more I'm sure he would be here talking.
Spef: He is also great for keeping me motivated.
SveinR: wasn't close :>
Spef: oh
Markku: you won internalist with the maximum possible score

8. Style, Bjenn and bene:
bene: hi
bene: i just got spammed by many mans that i should go here o,o
bene: I spent quite much time on this level to find the style so it feels good. Thanks and thanks bjenn for driving a sick ride with it.
bene: I just found the route, everyone in WLA/EF were involved in finding the tricks.
bene: Thanks mans.

Bjenn: Hello and thank you all for voting :)
Bjenn: Props to bene, without him it wouldn't be close to possible to win the event.
Bjenn: Must say I had a pretty good ride, best in any cup by me =D
Bjenn: Ok peace out

9. Replay, Zweq:

10. Level, MP:

11. Contest, Ramone, Kopaka, Ville_J, Xarthok:

Zero: thanks to players who made it a decent contest and of course the guy who hosted it, Ramone!
Zero: and everybody else who were involved
Kopaka: Everybody else involved meaning ville_j, xarthok and myself who made up the wcup6 arranging team together with ramone
Kopaka: all those deserve huge praise
Kopaka: and thank you for the award
Zero: :D you all deserve it
Kopaka: wcup6 was very special thing to do
Kopaka: because its wcup and because it was a team effort which prettty much every thing else I've done wasn't
Kopaka: xarthok got ball rolling with a lauta thread and helping with various things
Kopaka: ramone spent hours upon hours selecting levels, from the talks I had with him I know he took it very seriously
Markku: big thanks also to everyone who made the cup levels
Kopaka: ville made a cool website that made it feel more special than just some subpage on moposite or eolsite
Kopaka: cheers

12. Contribution, Ramone:

13. Achievement, Kazan:

14. Site, Ville_J:
Ville_J: wow, sik, did not expect this to happen at all
Ville_J: thank you for voting!
Ville_J: i think special things deserve a special treatment and wcup really was a special thing to happen, so it was my pleasure to design a website for it
Ville_J: it was not a perfect site, but i hope it did help mans to follow the progress of wcup and made it feel something special
Ville_J: thank you!

15. Art, nick-o-matic:
nick-o-matic: wow thanks! :)
nick-o-matic: feels good to get this recognition since i worked so hard on that .lev file
nick-o-matic: i think i could repeat my comments about art from my wcup613
nick-o-matic: interview
nick-o-matic: -the obelisk is copied from a souvenier to me from my father
nick-o-matic: -the hieroglyphs in the middle of the level are copied from Papyrys of Ani, which is book of the dead written for a scribe named Ani
nick-o-matic: -the Egyptian theme was chosen because I wanted to make it no grass to get more vertexes for art, but due to time limitations I didn’t manage to use them all for art and so it got grass (Ramone’s idea)
nick-o-matic: -Ramone didn’t change the level at all, only helped with mask + grass
nick-o-matic: -the level was supposed to have water all the way down but it made me dizzy whle playing so I changed it
nick-o-matic: -my girlfriend helped a bit too, she invented the sunrays for the flower (Egyptians drew it like that), also the 2nd apple symbolizes sun, held by a holy scarab
nick-o-matic: hmm
nick-o-matic: perhaps it is now a good moment to announce that i am going to arrange a ff-cup in near future

16. Community Award, Ramone:

SveinR's farewell speech SveinR: So that concludes the Golden Apple Awards for 2013
SveinR: Finally, I would like to say that it's been a great pleasure to host the GAA the past 10 years
SveinR: I apologize for every delay that's happened this year, and maybe it's time to pass the torch...
SveinR: I still hope to be some part of the next GAA
SveinR: Haruhi has offered to organize the next GAA, I'm sure he'll do very well
Haruhi: A huge thanks to Svein for his organisation of the GAA's for so long. He has done an exceptional job - as i'm sure we all agree.
Haruhi: I very much hope to see you involved in the years to come.


  • Bludek
  • Finman
  • Haruhi
  • Markku
  • Zero
  • SveinR (organized the event, not voting member)


First step:
People in the community give their favoured suggestions to who should be nominated in the different categories in the proper GAA thread on Mopolauta. To be able to vote in the third step, one must make suggestions in the thread. It is not compulsory to make suggestions in more than one category, but that is of course recommended.

Second step:
The jury members will choose ten candidates to each category according to their experience and knowledge. They will be also reading the community's suggestions.

Third step:
Now we have top10 for each category available and again the community can vote. The criteria for being allowed to vote are: well-known player (decided by the jury) and the player has posted some suggestions in the first step (so we see that he has been active during the whole process) or he doesn't have to be well-known if he posted a nice suggestion list with reasonable arguments. These limits are set for getting more appropriate votes. People don't have to vote in every category but if they do vote in some category they must pick their top5 and not just top1 or top3.

Fourth step:
The jury will collect the top5 for each category according absolutely to the community votes. The point system will be as follows: 5 points to every first position, 4 points to every second position etc. This will be the top5 to be used in the final show.

Fifth step:
The different jury members will vote over the different categories, and the community will also give 2 votes to the candidate who got most points in the third step, and 1 vote to the candidate who got the second-most points. The different jury members' votes will not be public. In the event of a tie, the candidate who got most points from community in the third step will win. If there still is a tie, the one who got most 5 points will win, then 4 points etc. If the winner cannot be resolved by this, the jury will come together and discuss the matter to declare a winner.

Voting for the Community Award:
Each voter will list up to 3 people, in ranked order from 1st to 3rd. Each 1st position will give 5 points, each 2nd position will give 3 points and each 3rd position will give 1 point. Voting in this category is not compulsory.

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