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A major change in the voting for the Golden Apple Awards was introduced in GAA11: An automatic online voting site, created by Ville_J, where people could submit their votes instead of using PM in Mopolauta.

The show was held on IRCnet #gaa on February 12th 2012, at 20:00 EET. The GAA period was from January 1st 2011 to December 31st 2011.


The following is a list of GAA winners for 2011.

# Category Winner
1. Internalist Kazan
2. Externalist Jeppe
3. Battler Markku
4. Rookie Spef
5. Designer TL
6. Team SPEED
7. WR 09. Tunnel Terror: 50,24 Kazan #341
8. Style Kazan's and anpdad's Apple Harvest
9. Replay 10. The Steppes: 11,54 Zweq
10. Level MC305.lev Slavery by FinMan
11. Contest MasterCup 3
12. Contribution Kopaka: Maintaining EOL, organizer of the EOL levpack, maintains Kopasite, GAA jury member, movies
13. Achievement Kazan: Getting 1hTT under 40 mins, having the current WR in all levels over a minute long, making 35TT, made WRs in 11 different levels in 2011
14. Site Elma Online site
15. Art milagros: 32TT project (Sample videos: Warm Up, Hi Flyer, Enigma, Downhill, Tricks Abound)
16. Community Award Kopaka
# Category Winner


1. Internalist, Kazan:

2. Externalist, Jeppe:

3. Battler, Markku:
Thanks! No battle on right now so I have time to give a speech.
Well, I'll keep it short... Thanks to the level makers, particularly the ones who keep on designing first finish levs. Also, excellent that the mopobattles are starting again, looking forward to more of them!

4. Rookie, Spef:

5. Designer, TL:

6. Team, SPEED:
Madness: Thanks everyone for your votes :)
Madness: Also thanks to all of our teammates for keeping our team alive
Madness: I love you :*
Madness: Labs say something! :D
Labs: thanks
Labs: :*
* berh was kicked by Madness (:D)
Labs: xD

7. WR, Kazan:

8. Style, Kazan and anpdad:
anpdad: o,o
anpdad: didnt really expect that, i'll try to say something.
anpdad: i'd like to say that romy4 is the main guy behind all rus ah brainstorming and he's the one
anpdad: who started it all. Then others joined and in the end everyone contributed some trick.
anpdad: i'm glad to see that both my little improvements were realized by Kaz in the real wr ride, thanks to him for that :)
anpdad: and we'll try to keep rockin' next year!
anpdad: also thanks)

9. Replay, Zweq:

10. Level, FinMan:
thanks to roope and tap members for sure o,o
did not expect this, just felt like a good cruise level
and thanks to players, especially adi =D

11. Contest, Zebra:
thanks :)
I have a speech for you
Thank you for choosing Mastercup 3 :) Thanks to everybody who played it and who voted for us. It was nice to organize the cup and I hope that you liked it as well. And it's good to be back too. In 2006 Mastercup 2 won GAA contest award. And now, only 5 years later, Mastercup 3 wins the same award. :)
We were a bit lucky too because we managed to arrange it just before save/load patch was leaked. Maybe it will be the last normal cup, maybe not. Anyway, team TAP surely continues to make some levels and arrange some contests in the future. What they will be? Nobody knows. At least mopobattles are now starting again. I hope we will see you there!

12. Contribution, Kopaka:
Thank you!
Maintaining EOL: quite a lot of different weird work come up, and ppl asking me stuff all the time in eol when I'm trying to win a battle which is quite annoying
organizer of the EOL levpack: this was really fun project
first of it's kind since OLP
and thanks to all designers and tester of the pack
kopasite came with new version this year
imo nice design ;)
but the code still sax, so mgiht have to do new again
movies: hej
gaa is fun too
thanks all :*

13. Achievement, Kazan:

14. Site, Kopaka:
Jappe2 <- JEALOUS
Kopaka <- HERO
thanks ->

15. Art, milagros:
wonder what's art about it
anyway, ez wrs
it was kinda pro project at first but got fucked up by bounces
simply there isn't any limit for that
and judging it by eye kinda sucked
thanks anyway
ez 30tt though
just needs some pros with decent tools
Labs_ - nah no recs anymore

16. Community Award, Kopaka:
SveinR: The Community Award for 2011 goes to someone who is regarded as being always helpful to everyone, and being a key individual in keeping the scene alive.
SveinR: First and foremost, his contributions to EOL, with creating and maintaining the EOL site, are extremely important and highly appreciated. I would like to quote some of the voters:
SveinR: "greatly helpful and kind man, keeps doing awesome work on EOL improving"
SveinR: "the nicest and hardest working contributor, all around force for good"
SveinR: "living wisdom, extremely helpful, maintaining EOL"
SveinR: "for giving so much, and asking for so little in return"
SveinR: "Without him there wouldn't be no EOL site, no statistics, probably no statistics at all. He is also very helpful always when I talk with him"
SveinR: The Community Award goes to, for all his great work towards the scene...
SveinR: Kopaka!
SveinR: Congratulations!

Kopaka: Thank you!
Kopaka: not the first time I win this one, so that's pretty cool
Kopaka: ;)
Kopaka: kinda funny eolsite won, giving that it might have lost more features this year than it got
Kopaka: but!
Kopaka: but but but
Kopaka: change are coming
Kopaka: hopefully for the better
Kopaka: I'm lost for words
Kopaka: shutup Tigr0
Kopaka: I will try to live up this in the coming year
Kopaka: sleep tight
Kopaka: ->
niN: Kiitos!
Kopaka: +to
SveinR: You definitely deserve the award Kopaka, and I'm sure you'll live up to it in the future :)


  • Haruhi
  • Kopaka
  • Madness
  • Markku
  • niN
  • Ville_J
  • SveinR (organizer, not voting member)


First step:
People in the community give their favoured suggestions to who should be nominated in the different categories in the proper GAA thread on Mopolauta. To be able to vote in the third step, one must make suggestions in the thread. It is not compulsory to make suggestions in more than one category, but that is of course recommended.

Second step:
The jury members will choose ten candidates to each category according to their experience and knowledge. They will be also reading the community's suggestions.

Third step:
Now we have top10 for each category available and again the community can vote. The criteria for being allowed to vote are: well-known player (decided by the jury) and the player has posted some suggestions in the first step (so we see that he has been active during the whole process) or he doesn't have to be well-known if he posted a nice suggestion list with reasonable arguments. These limits are set for getting more appropriate votes. People don't have to vote in every category but if they do vote in some category they must pick their top5 and not just top1 or top3.

Fourth step:
The jury will collect the top5 for each category according absolutely to the community votes. The point system will be as follows: 5 points to every first position, 4 points to every second position etc. This will be the top5 to be used in the final show.

Fifth step:
The different jury members will vote over the different categories, and the community will also give 2 votes to the candidate who got most points in the third step, and 1 vote to the candidate who got the second-most points. The different jury members' votes will not be public. In the event of a tie, the candidate who got most points from community in the third step will win. If there still is a tie, the one who got most 5 points will win, then 4 points etc. If the winner cannot be resolved by this, the jury will come together and discuss the matter to declare a winner.

Voting for the Community Award:
Each voter will list up to 3 people, in ranked order from 1st to 3rd. Each 1st position will give 5 points, each 2nd position will give 3 points and each 3rd position will give 1 point. Voting in this category is not compulsory.

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