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At the 2009 Golden Apple Awards the jury decided it was time to fix the GAA period: Now it lasts from January 1st to December 31st every year, in order to keep things more structered and predictable. Previously, when a GAA period ended and another began had been somewhat random. A consequence of this change was that the show has to be held at about a month later time than previously. Note that the GAA period for GAA09 still begins before January 1st, as this was the first GAA after the decision.

The definition of the Rookie award was also changed slightly. Now it reads A Rookie is defined as someone who entered the scene in the GAA period, or up to 3 months prior..

The show was held on IRCnet #gaa on February 7th 2010, at 20:00 EET. The GAA period was from December 16th 2008 to December 31st 2009.


The following is a list of GAA winners for 2009.

# Category Winner
1. Internalist Zweq
2. Externalist adi
3. Battler Zweq
4. Rookie Mielz
5. Designer Ramone
6. Team WNO
7. WR 05. Uphill Battle: 19,79 Jarkko #301
8. Style talli's Serpents Tale
9. Replay 07. Hi Flyer: Not finished (07zwoot7.rec) Zweq
10. Level ChainPII.lev Chain Pie II MPFKBJKZB by Mawane et al.
11. Contest Banana Cup 4
12. Contribution Kopaka: Working on the new Elma Online site, made the Open Source Automated Cup Website, updates Kopasite, organized TEH Cup, GAA jury member
13. Achievement John: Being the first to break the 36 minute limit in total time, continues to be on the #1 spot
14. Site Zworqy's site
15. Art Jappe2: His movies
16. Community Award Kopaka
# Category Winner


1. Internalist, Zweq:

2. Externalist, adi:
Thanks! This is my second win in this category, and last time I didn't prepare a speech because I didn't belive I could win. Anyway, last year was pretty special to me since I got a new cool team, so I'd like to thank my teammates nick-o-matic, roope, Koopa, Bliz, -Nico-o and Dead One.

3. Battler, Zweq:

4. Rookie, Mielz:
Thanks! Im glad i won my first GAA :) Id like to thank to team EF and all people who helped me a lot, especially Morgan and Bjorn. Without their help it would be much harder for me in the beggining in the scene. Thanks again!

5. Designer, Ramone:
I would like to thank all who voted for me.
And as long as I keep enjoying elma I will keep making levels.
Levmaking comes more natural to me than playing lately.
Since I make much levels quite fast Belma and me seems to be the perfect wedding.
Otherwise all levels just stays unplayed on my computer.
So once again, thanks to all who voted for me.
Also, great thanks to mila and zworqy for Belma.

6. Team, WNO:
John: On behalf of whole WNO (I guess) I'd like to thank you all for this award. The 3 of us remaining in the team has now stuck together since fall of 2003, about 6½ years. Let's hope we stick together a few years more... Thanks!

7. WR, Jarkko:
Thanks, I don't know what to say.

8. Style, talli:

9. Replay, Zweq:

10. Level, Mawane:
This is the first time that a pipe wins a Lev category
I would like to share this award with all levmaker
Mawane, Pab, FinMan, Koopa, BarryP, Jappe2, Kopaka, Zebra and BoneLESS
and thanks to all who participated, hope you are ready for Chain Pie 3
That's all :)

11. Contest, team TAP:
Ramone: Seems zebra went offline...
Ramone: anyway, zebra was the brain behind Banana Cup.
Ramone: He had worked on ideas for this cup in his head for ages.
Ramone: Then when it came closer to accually make it. It was me and Zebra who made most levels,
Ramone: with this we had great fun. My first good teamexperiece.. we tested ideas and levels for hours
Ramone: and days, over and over again.
zebra: bananacup won?
SveinR yeh :)
Kopaka: yes
igge: yes :)
zebra: thanks, elma scene has a good taste :)
zebra: fear of the banana comeback, the banana cup 3 :)
Ramone: So, planning and hosting Banana Cup with zebra was one of best times I had with elma all these years!
zebra: yep it was great time
Ramone: So, great thanks! Really appreciated!
Ramone: Im glad best contest won!

12. Contribution, Kopaka:
Thank you!
two years in a row :)
I don't know what to say, I just love elasto mania and keep doing all this stuff because of it :)
cheers to everyone else out there who does stuff like website, contests, cups, levels, ect. ect. who makes this scene what it is!

13. Achievement, John:
Thanks! It was a great feeling going under 36.00 in the early morning of June 29th after being "stuck" on 36.0x for so long, I guess I can consider this feat the greatest thing I've accomplished in the scene. It's pretty amazing how Elma is always developing. Every so-called impossible limit through the years has been broken so far and although I don't see myself or anyone else going under 35 minutes anytime soon it will most likely happen one day. It fe
It feels like a new internalwave has evolved recently with a bunch of exciting players. Only time will tell what they will be capable of doing. Thanks again, I appreciate it :)

14. Site, Zworqy:
OMG! I'm so happy! I haven't prepared anything, but I would like to thank everyone who used my site and voted for it.
*takes a bow*

15. Art, Jappe2:
thank you

16. Community Award, Kopaka:
SveinR: The Community Award goes to a kuski who by the creation and public release of his Automated Cup source code and website, first used on his own very successful cup, has led to an explosion of new cups and made life easier for a lot of cup organizers.
SveinR: His site, which he has maintained for many years, has grown to become the biggest site for external contests in the scene. In addition to his own levels, it includes a wealth of levelpacks by others.
SveinR: Soon the Elasto Mania world will see the release of Elma Online, and a large part of the scene will then revolve around something this guy has been working on for a long time: The Elma Online site.
SveinR: This is a guy who for many many years has contributed to the scene and made the experience of being in it that much better. His contributions certainly has not gone unnoticed, thank you very much and congratulations...
SveinR: Kopaka!

Kopaka: thank you everybody who voted!
Kopaka: and to sveinr for the nice speech :*
SveinR: :*
Kopaka: I hope everyone will enjoy the EOL site once it's released
Kopaka: please feel free to contact me for any wishes/bugs ect. for the EOL site so we can make it as good as possible :)
Kopaka: I feel like I've kinda neglected kopasite lately, but I have some big plans there once eol is released :p
Kopaka: thanks again, I hope we can all enjoy this scene for many years to came, as the last 8 years that I've been here has been great! :*


  • BoneLESS
  • igge
  • Kopaka
  • Markku
  • Raven
  • SveinR


First step:
People in the community give their favoured suggestions to who should be nominated in the different categories in the proper GAA thread on Mopolauta. To be able to vote in the third step, one must make suggestions in the thread. It is not compulsory to make suggestions in more than one category, but that is of course recommended.

Second step:
The jury members will choose ten candidates to each category according to their experience and knowledge. They will be also reading the community's suggestions.

Third step:
Now we have top10 for each category available and again the community can vote. The criteria for being allowed to vote are: well-known player (decided by the jury) and the player has posted some suggestions in the first step (so we see that he has been active during the whole process) or he doesn't have to be well-known if he posted a nice suggestion list with reasonable arguments. These limits are set for getting more appropriate votes. People don't have to vote in every category but if they do vote in some category they must pick their top5 and not just top1 or top3.

Fourth step:
The jury will collect the top5 for each category according absolutely to the community votes. The point system will be as follows: 5 points to every first position, 4 points to every second position etc. This will be the top5 to be used in the final show.

Fifth step:
The different jury members will vote over the different categories, and the community will also give 2 votes to the candidate who got most points in the third step, and 1 vote to the candidate who got the second-most points. The different jury members' votes will not be public. In the event of a tie, the candidate who got most points from community in the third step will win. If there still is a tie, the one who got most 5 points will win, then 4 points etc. If the winner cannot be resolved by this, the jury will come together and discuss the matter to declare a winner.

Voting for the Community Award:
Each voter will list up to 3 people, in ranked order from 1st to 3rd. Each 1st position will give 5 points, each 2nd position will give 3 points and each 3rd position will give 1 point. Voting in this category is not compulsory.

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