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This edition of the GAA's saw two substantial changes: The inclusion of a new category, the Community Award, alongside the removal of the Multi WR category. The Community Award is an award where the jury has no say whatsoever: The community can vote for whomever they like, for whatever reasons they choose. This category has been a success and has been included in every GAA show since. There were also some minor changes, the definition of Rookie is now 'someone who entered the scene in the GAA period', and it was clarified that to be eligible for the Replay category, actual .rec files needed to be made public (not just having the run present in a movie).

The show was held on IRCnet #gaa on January 13th 2008, at 20:00 EET. The GAA period was from December 18th 2006 to December 16th 2007.


The following is a list of GAA winners for 2007.

# Category Winner
1. Internalist Zweq
2. Externalist axxu
3. Battler Zweq
4. Rookie Bjorn
5. Designer Jappe2
6. Team WNO
7. WR 24. Ramp Frenzy 42,85 Zweq #265
8. Style Zweq's Ramp Frenzy
9. Replay mkup309.lev: 21,57 talli
10. Level LC306.lev, The Dead Scene by Xhomaz
11. Contest LOS Cup 3
12. Contribution milagros: Creating and developing belma; introducing a whole new dimension to Elasto Mania
13. Achievement Zweq: Pulling off crazy and legendary styles (Hi Flyer, Ramp Frenzy), helping cut down WR TT considerably. Getting the biggest absolute improvement on a WR since February 2002, and the biggest relative improvement since August 2000. Broke 23 min limit for Combined TT along with Juzam
14. Site Kopasite
15. Community Award milagros
# Category Winner


1. Internalist, Zweq:
no much competition so was ez

2. Externalist, axxu:
axxu: \o/ Yay Hat-trick, thanks to everyone who voted, and see you again next year. Kisses to all :*
SveinR: actually axxu won Externalist for the 4th time in a row!
zebra: *clap*
axxu: well who counts them ;S
SveinR: soon no space left on the shelf

3. Battler, Zweq:
maximum time used this year for balles so pretty nice
got stv zepp to catch

4. Rookie, Bjorn:

5. Designer, Jappe2:
cool. the best man won, gimi 1sec to prepare write my speech
I just want to thank everyone ive ever met in my entire life. this is fantastic, losers must be so pissed of, i feed from their anger. I am the king of the world. thanks, heja sverige
i want a japanese wife

6. Team, WNO:
John: thanks for voting, was a fun year with zamppe being back again

7. WR, Zweq :
milagros for being significant part of the stylefinding

8. Style, Zweq:
same speech kinda of

9. Replay, talli:

10. Level, Xhomaz:
Zworqy: no xhomaz here :(
axxu: Shall we battle the lev here and now?
zebra: ye, but don't tell SveinR
Zworqy: dahle knows xhomaz?
Dahle: mm
Dahle: he's kind of busy
skint0r: dirtpipe?
Dahle: heh
Dahle: i wish it was thet well
Dahle: *that
Dahle: but i'm sure he is happy about the gaa, and so on
Dahle: blah blah

11. Contest, LOS Cup 3:
Zworqy: someone more from LOS here?
Dahle: not sure
Dahle: but i think los cup was quite nice this time
Dahle: so fun that xhom won
Dahle: thanks

12. Contribution, milagros:
speech : hoorrrayy

13. Achievement, Zweq:
YES it was weird times :D
those styles just happened to pop same week
but all time was used to find stylz nat to hoyl
theres difference! you try too teh!

14. Site, Kopaka:
I LOVE YOU dz!!!
wow! thanks a lot for this. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the site, played the levels, sent their records. Also to those who had made levels for the site, and a special thanks to vk for helping out, skint0r for making skintatious which gave me the inspiration to make the whole records section and Avril Lavigne <3
It's nice to know that someone appreciate my site and therefore I'll promise to keep updating the site with new features in the future (as soon as I'm done with army nabbing (January 30th!))
..and thanks for all the love in irc :*
* Kopaka sheds a tear

15. Community Award, milagros:
SveinR: The winner has changed the way people play elma, and people feel that it's due to him that the scene is alive. In January 2007, the first version of belma was released. In the coming months it was developed more and more, and today it's probably the main focus of most people who play elastomania.
SveinR: People who voted for the winner has also given him the award based on other things, for instance that he is considered as a very nice guy who's always willing to help others. People have also mentioned his playing abilities, like his WR on Long Haul, his style-inventing, and his work as an anti-cheater.
SveinR: But the main reason behind his getting this award, is the remarkable dedication he has shown to the scene and to the game by creating belma; improving the elastomania and battling experience for so many players.
SveinR: milagros!

milagros: wow!
milagros: wr was so aazing
milagros: that really deserved teh
milagros: and belma was quite fun to do too
milagros: hopefully i will find time to finish teh
milagros: thanks
milagros: now gimme trh apple
milagros: e
milagros: culinko is in love with me
milagros: what else to say


  • axxu
  • skint0r
  • SveinR
  • tijsjoris
  • zebra
  • zworqy


First step:
People in the community give their favoured suggestions to who should be nominated in the different categories in the proper GAA thread on Mopolauta. To be able to vote in the third step, one must make suggestions in the thread. It is not compulsory to make suggestions in more than one category, but that is of course recommended.

Second step:
The jury members will choose ten candidates to each category according to their experience and knowledge. They will be also reading the community's suggestions.

Third step:
Now we have top10 for each category available and again the community can vote. The criteria for being allowed to vote are: well-known player (decided by the jury) and the player has posted some suggestions in the first step (so we see that he has been active during the whole process) or he doesn't have to be well-known if he posted a nice suggestion list with reasonable arguments. These limits are set for getting more appropriate votes. People don't have to vote in every category but if they do vote in some category they must pick their top5 and not just top1 or top3.

Fourth step:
The jury will collect the top5 for each category according absolutely to the community votes. The point system will be as follows: 5 points to every first position, 4 points to every second position etc. This will be the top5 to be used in the final show.

Fifth step:
The different jury members will vote over the different categories, and the community will also give 2 votes to the candidate who got most points in the third step, and 1 vote to the candidate who got the second-most points. The different jury members' votes will not be public. In the event of a tie, the candidate who got most points from community in the third step will win. If there still is a tie, the one who got most 5 points will win, then 4 points etc. If the winner cannot be resolved by this, the jury will come together and discuss the matter to declare a winner.

Voting for the Community Award:
Each voter will list up to 3 people, in ranked order from 1st to 3rd. Each 1st position will give 5 points, each 2nd position will give 3 points and each 3rd position will give 1 point. Voting in this category is not compulsory.

More information

Mopolauta topic