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Elma 2 is the tentative name of a game that aims to be the (unofficial) successor of Elasto Mania (and EOL), adding many new features. It uses exactly the same physics engine as original Elma 1.11a.

Elma 2 is designed to be multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). For the current release, only Windows binaries are available.

The development is in a very early phase, which is why there are not many features implemented yet.

See the list of planned features.

Download & install

Latest update: 29.12.2012 (added debug version 30.12.2012)

For Windows: Download here or here.

For those who are experiencing problems, here is the debug version. The debug version outputs more messages in the console and is quite a lot slower than the normal version. So download this one only if the game is crashing for you. Paste the output messages in this Mopolauta topic so we can find out better what's wrong. (If it's very long output, go to Pastebin and just give link in that topic.) Note that this zip contains only the exe file, so you still need the datafiles folder from the elma2.zip file if you don't have it already.

Unzip elma2.zip to your Elma/EOL directory.

Known bugs/issues

Currently unfixed bugs/issues

  • Replays cannot be saved/played.
  • Grass/pictures/textures are not shown in level.
  • Problems with Windows XP (random crashes while playing or the game doesn't start at all).
    • Possibly some problem with LGR loading.
  • Resizing column headers all the way to the left makes them disappear.
  • Elma 2 crashes when opening an external level with high ASCII characters in filename.
  • Cursor is visible in-game when in full screen.
  • Player doesn't re-spawn when dying to a killer in Flag Tag mode. If both players die, the game ends. (This bug is also in original Elma.)
  • Search box pops up accidentally too easily after a ride.
  • Option for Splitscreen/Full view (for multiplayer mode) is missing.
  • The screen flickers when moving the mouse around whilst in Player Options. (Can anyone else than Xiphias reproduce this?)
  • It is possible to assign the same key to many actions.

Bugs fixed for next version

  • High ASCII characters in player name go gibberish when saving.
  • Sorting internals by index behaves incorrectly.
  • Some user interface widgets disappear partially when clicking in their activation area.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work well in Options->Players tab.
  • Strings in player options move a character to the left when scrolling. Happens only the first time.
  • When you hold down the zoom button, the zoom goes at first slow, then faster, then super fast (all in a second), and then zooms in/out at a constant speed. It is most visible when zooming out. It is as if the zoom pops after about 0.5-0.6 seconds and then it flows smoothly. This can also cause the screen to rotate 180 degrees.
  • Empty pixel in minimap's top left corner.
  • Flower is visible in Flag Tag mode.

Found a new bug?

If you find some bugs that are not listed here, this is the preferred way to report them:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Elma 2 (check the date). If you have an older version, the bug may have already been fixed.
  2. Create an account for the wiki here if you don't have one yet.
  3. Log in and add the bug(s) below the heading "Currently unfixed bugs/issues".
  4. Optional: Report the additions in this Mopolauta topic.

Level format

See the related Mopolauta topic.

  • New polygon type: texture polygon. It would be possible to select texture for this polygon, and also whether it is solid (like ground polygons) or hollow (like normal pictures and textures). If it's hollow, clipping type could be chosen (ground/sky/both). This would remove the need for traditional, rectangular textures (and their masks too).
  • Choose initial parameters for kuski:
    • Direction
    • Angle
    • Velocity
    • Body and wheel positions, maybe even head
    • Gravity direction
  • Increase/remove limits (maximum width/height, number of apples/killers/flowers/vertices, level title/filename length).
  • Choose amount of apples that need to be taken before flower.
    • More general idea: Set weights for apples (and allow finishing when the total weight of collected apples is at least equal to a specified limit)
  • The name of level designer.
  • The creation/modification date of the level.
  • Level description.
  • Allow levels without flowers (all apples collected = finish).
  • Choose whether sky is fixed or moving.
  • Rotate, resize and crop pictures.
  • Option to force apples to be taken in a specific order.

What is the "datafiles" folder?

The "datafiles" folder contains some files that are required for Elma 2 to work. The subfolders "looknfeel", "imagesets" and "schemes" contain descriptions about the look and feel of menus. Elma 2 uses the look and feel called "TaharezLook". So by editing the "TaharezLook.*" files, it is possible to customize the look and feel of Elma 2.

Note: The "TaharezLook.looknfeel" file may get modified during development, so try not to edit it too much. You may have to merge the changes if you've edited it.


This is Elma 2 running on Windows 7: