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Trick listing

some spinning...

the use of momentum to best-times ends:

In Elasto Mania, in which the goal often is to finish levels as fast as possible, techniques contributing to a gain of speed often benefit from being exploited.

Such a technique involves pushing oneself forward through the momentum gained by volting while up in the air and away from the ground. Upon landing, through the effect of static friction resulting from the combining of either gas or brake application with a well-timed, centrifugal-force-charged back-wheel push, the bike gets propelled forward, and that, with increased momentum.

Here are examples in the form of demonstration videos: &

Furthermore, it is possible for momentum to be transferred from one "state" or "direction" to the next through yet other means. For example, the conversion of vertical momentum to a more-horizontal one, or still of a right-direction to a left-direction vector, maintaining much of its momentum magnitude, through the due use of bike elasticity.

Such momentum transfers are best exemplified through World Cup 3's "Markku's trick," and through the following, driven-by-Crazy, Warm-Up ride: