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On the cup page you can see results and standings for cups, as well as download levels and upload replays.

How to play cups

If you want to participate in a cup, the only thing you have to do is to play the level of current event online in EOL. Your time will automatically be added to the results once the event deadline is over. However if you win the event it is required that you also upload your replay. You can upload replays during the event from the cup page, which is recommended even if you don't think you are gonna win, so that others can see different styles etc. Uploaded replays won't be shared until the event is over. If you win and haven't yet uploaded your replay, you have 24 hours after the deadline to do so.

Note that for some cups such as World Cup 6 replay uploading is required by all.

tl:dr version: Play online. If you win, upload replay.

Hiding of times

During an event the given level will have its "Hidden" flag turned on. This means that the shift+F5 (Best Times) list is disabled and times are not shown on EOL site either for that level. The times you drive will still show on F7 (Recent Times) list, unless you drive hidden (Shift+F1) in which case your times are not shown on F7. Note that your times will still be visible on F7 to yourself, but they are not shown to others if you are hidden. If you are shown only to team, team members can see times on F7 etc.

tl:dr version: Play hidden and other won't see your times anywhere.

Adding events for admins

1. Play level in EOL locked (turn lock new levels on in eolconf.exe).
2. Click on admin under your cup's page.
3. In top right corner search box, select right most radio button and search for the level.
4. Copy the index number, backspace the search so you get back to admin page.
5. Put the number in level index under add event, add start and deadline and designer, remember it's in server's timezone (UTC-8).