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Versions 1.0 - 1.11hb

Updating to 1.11hb from any earlier version is very easy, simply download the new version and replace the Elma.exe.

Version 1.11h and 1.11hb also has an extra exe file you can copy to your Elma folder and use it to configure certain aspects of Elma.exe.

Version 1.2

This version requires a little more work to install:

  1. Download from http://www.elmaonline.net/dl/elma12.zip
  2. Extract the zip into your Elma folder
  3. There should now be a subfolder called Res including the files: A13.LEB, add.inf, DESCLIST.TXT and Intro12.pcx.
  4. Run ResEdit.exe (in Elma folder) and press the button "Import Pack", then "Ok" and "Yes". The Elma.res file has now been updated to version 1.2.
  5. You can now delete the Res folder.

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