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Warning and banning

First time disobeying a rule you'll get a warning, second time a one week ban and third time a one year ban. This counts for each catagory so you can have two warnings at once in two different catagories.

Not Allowed


  • Cheating in any way(*)
  • Dis/Reconnecting to play battles before countdown is over


  • Spamming
  • Writing in other languages than english

Starting Battles

  • Started the same a battle on the same level with same settings more than once
  • Starting battle in levels you didn't make yourself
  • Starting battles on offensive, buggy or otherwise unsuitable levels


  • Vandalizing the wiki
  • In any way trying to hack or harm the server or website(*)


In extreme cases these can give an imediate one year or even permanent ban.

Final word

The admins always have the final word, however if you feel you're being treated unjustly, you can send a ban apeal and another admin will look at it. Serious cases will always be discussed in the admin group.