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Q: What is new in EOL that wasn't in Elasto Mania?
A: A lot! Check here for details.

Q: How do I know if it works or not?
A: When you run eol.exe, go to any level and press F5. If you see yourself in the list that appears then it probably works. If there are other players in the list, go to the same level as them and make sure viewing others is on by pressing F1 until you see the text "other players shown". If you now can see other bikes in the level, then it most certainly works.

If you only see the text "Players online" in the F5 list and nothing else, the server is probably down and you just have to wait.

Q: I'm playing but I can't see anyone eventhough they say they are playing.
A: The most likely reason for this is that a hidden battle is going on in which everyone is supposed to be invisible. Or, you might have pressed F1 which hides everyone.

If you have checked both these possibilities and still can't see anyone, you probably have to do a so-called port forwarding on your firewall/router. Check http://www.portforward.com/ for more info. Also make sure the IP and port numbers are correct (should be by default). The ports are: 4460 (TCP), 4461 (UDP down) and 4462 (UDP up). Also make sure that "TCP only" is not checked in eolconf.exe.

Q: Those F1 etc keys won't work.
A: Make sure you have the newest version. Another reason why the keys won't work is because you didn't set them with eolconf.exe, or you set them to something else than default. Check hotkeys for full reference.

Q: How can I start a battle??
A: Use startballe.exe.

If you can, check #battle, the in-game chat (also available on the site) and the battle queue to see if any special battle is planned for the near future before starting your own. And remember the level designing etiquette.

Q: Can someone abort battles?
A: Yes, the original beta testers have moderator rights including the possibility to abort battles. Rights may also be given through the server and you can check http://elmaonline.moposite.com/ to see who has aborting rights.

Q: I finished a first finish or one-life battle first, but someone else won. How come?
A: There is a slight delay in EOL. In battles with a countdown you will seem to start before everyone else even though everyone starts at the same time. This means that even if you seem to finish the level first, someone else close behind might actually be ahead of you and win.

Q: Where can I download the belma/EOL server?
A: Nowhere.