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Options Menu

The internal configuration consists of the Options menu in Elma. Here you can make various settings:

  • Play mode: Toggles between single and multiplayer.
  • Player A,B: Sets which of the available players that are active. Player A is the single player and the top player in multi. B is the bottom player in multi.
  • Sound: Turn the sound on or off.
  • Sound Optimization: Sets how Elma uses the sound system. If you have problems listening to mp3 music while playing Elma, set this to "compability".
  • Animated menus: Toggle the animated menu backgrounds on or off.
  • Video detail: Low detail turns off pictures and grass.
  • Animated objects: Turns the spinning of flowers, apples and killers on or off.
  • Swap Bikes: If set to "Yes", player A will have player B's bike and vice versa.
  • Customize controls: Let's use set what keys to use for the basic controls.

External Configuration

Note: this section applies only to the previous version of Elma Online (Belma). See Elma Online Configuration for the configuration of lastest version.

Apart from the Options menu ingame, there are more settings for you in the extra programs that comes with newer versions of Elma/EOL. Those programs offer a lot more settings than Elma's own options menu.



Keys for advanced controls

You can set keys for:

  • Alovolt: Sets a key that simulates the pressing of left and right at the same time, which results in an alovolt.
  • Brake alias: Sets an extra key to brake with. Pros use this cause some keyboards do not allow pressing the up and down arrows at the same time, so if you want to use the arrow keys, you need an extra brake key to accelerate and brake at the same time.
  • Escape alias: Sets an extra Escape key, if you think Esc is too far away from your other Elma keys.
  • Replay control keys: Lets you set several VCR-like keys to use when viewing replays.

Other options

  • Lev packs: Use this to set up levpacks for easy handling of playing and stats for levels.
  • Global options: Misc settings.
  • Main menu: Choose which menu items that should appear in the main menu.
  • Screen: Sets screen options like resolution and zoom factor.
  • Navigator: Sets size and zoom of the minimap.