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Acrossish is a language originated from and commonly used amongst Elasto Mania players in the IRCnet chatroom #across and nowadays also all other Elma-related chatrooms and EOL chat. It's a variation of English, which borrows mainly from Finnish and Swedish and more recently thanks to EOL - Russian, but also from other languages and from the people in #across aswell. It's been evolving for years as the core members think of more words, and variations of already existing words, usually without the intention of them becoming used by others but which eventually get used widely and become a part of the dialect. Still up to this date the language is growing at a steady phase, despite the fact that the main contributors hardly visit the channel anymore.

Acrossish words are often made up, to a smaller or bigger degree, by typing the words the way you pronounce them. Another commonly used method to make up the words are by adding or replacing a vowel somewhere in the word. Either adding an E to the end of the word (ban becomes bane, can becomes cane), or by typing an A instead of the last O in a double-O (poor becomes poar, cool becomes coal). As many of the people using Acrossish are from Scandinavian countries, it is also common to use variations of Scandinavian words in the middle of a sentence otherwise consisting of English words. "I have money" becomes "I har money", where har is the Swedish word for have. Words can also be otherwise substituted for other English words, or added without any particular reason, usually making the grammar intentionally incorrect. Such include for example saying "very many" instead of "very much [noun]" or "very [adjective]".

Frequently used words and expressions

)))) - :)
((( - :(
10x - thanks
a weak a goe - a week ago
are - is
angrey - angry
balle - battle
bane - ban
bauns - bounce
besterest - best
brekfest - breakfast
broedwör - Starcraft: Brood War
bulle - stuff; to do stuff/something/with something
bög - gay
byxor - pants
cane - can
cementvägg - Zweq
cersious (many variations) - serious
coal - cool
cuz - because
död - death; died (commonly used in one-life battles)
donga - download
dame; damez - damn
EYAH - yeah
ez - easy; however when referring to an Elma level or target time it usually means 'possible'
fak - fuck
foadz - food
gaddame - damn
gief - give
gierf - giraffe
goad - good
gött - got
har - have
hared - had
hardik - hard
has - have
hay - hi
healo; healoh - hello
hev - have
ho - how
höylä - someone who plays the same level a lot for a long time and restarts even after slightest mistakes
höyling - playing a lot relentlessly
höyl lev - a short and easy level
impsy - impossible
international error - internal error
kaffe - coffee
kuski - Elasto Mania player
liek - like
maby; mabez - maybe
mans - men
max - great; amazing; awesome
moar - more
mongo; mango; bango; bongo - annoying; annoying person/something
mutch; mach - much
my too - me too
nab - n00b, newbie; bad
nörd - nerd
omagad, omgad, amagad - omg
orka - I can't be bothered; I don't feel like it
partey - party
pasibel; pasibly - possible; possibly
pen0r - penis
pie - pipe
plz - please
pos - possible; possibly
psy - opposite of impsy
raff; raffel; ralf - rofl
runka - masturbate
sach - such
sax - sucks; bad; crappy;
secret FM - secret
seep cone - Steep Corner; a cone used to direct a silent fart in desired direction and volume
shatefak - stfu
skialz - skills
skicka - send
slepa - sleep
soemthink - something
sorey; soreyz - sorry
taht - that
tajm; tiem - time
teer - there
teh - the; it; that
to teh max - to the max
tropic - topic
w00t; wut; wat; lolwut - what
wander - wonder
watefak; wategak - wtf
whane - want
workare - working
worrior - warrior
xiit - cheat
ye0; yeu; (m)jeu; (m)je0 - yes; yea