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What is the difference between aborting and stopping?

  • Stopping a battle means ending it early. Current standings will count as the result of the battle for ranking and stats purposes.
  • Aborting a battle does the same thing except there will be no stats recorded. It will be as if it was never played.
  • There is no difference when aborting/stopping a level in queue.

Who has abort rights?

You can see who has abort rights in the Crew section at EOLsite. Usually you just have to ask in the in-game chat, and a person with abort rights will be available to help you.

How do I abort?

For people who have abort rights, there will be a dropdown menu in startbattle.exe:

  • Levels are sorted by start time. Earlier on the top, last on the bottom.
  • If battle is on, the top level will be the ongoing battle.
  • If battle is off, the top level will be the upcoming battle (starting within 2min)

Simply select the correct level and click Abort or Stop.

Here is an example:


daqui231 is the ongoing battle, and daqui232 is in the Battle queue.


  • If you want to abort the ongoing battle (daqui231) select the level on top.
  • If you want to abort the upcoming battle (daqui232, which is in the queue), select the level on bottom.

Valid reasons for abort

  • Level breaks a rule. (See: Rules#Starting_battles) Don't do this too lightly, discuss in chat if you are unsure. Report it to a mod afterwards if it breaks a serious rule.
  • Designer asks for it, and it's in queue. If it's already started, you should ask them for a valid reason.
  • Level needs to be fixed. You generally shouldn't do this in the middle of a battle if the level is playable without the fix.
  • You can abort your own level in queue for any reason you want, and it's also not necessary to ask for a reason when designers ask for their level in queue to be aborted.
  • Players are no longer playing, there is a lot of time left, and the winner is decided (for example in an FF) - In this case you should stop instead of abort.
  • The battle interferes with a scheduled event.

When you are going to abort for someone, tell it in chat. That way we avoid accidentally aborting other battles if more than one person tries to abort at the same time.

Useful stuff to know

  • Aborting an ongoing battle makes the next battle in queue start immediately. Keep this in mind, especially if the next event is an announced event or a battle type like 1htt, first finish or apple battle that people may be waiting for. Stopping an ongoing battle will have a 2 minute break as normal.
  • Sometimes startbattle.exe will fail to remove battles that are already finished (because of disconnect?), if this happens you'll have to close and reopen startbattle.exe.