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On this page you can see the battle rankings and which are the best players and teams. There are four types of rankings, each is divided into player and team rankings. In the rightmost column you can specify the rankings by a special battle type and whether to view overall, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily ranking. The default setting is overall (all time) ranking for normal battle type.


The ranking list has the main rankings and being the first here is the biggest prestige. It is calculated after each battle.

For each player you beat in battle you get an amount of points, these depends on his and yours ranking, according to this formula:

NewRanking = OldRanking * (1 + 0.003 * exp(0.001 * (BeatedPlayersRanking - OldRanking)))

The points you get from each beated player is added together as the amount you get for that battle. These points are saved for every battle you have ever played. Then to calculate your overall ranking it does this calculation: (100 best last 6 months) + (100 best 6-12 months ago * 0.5) + (100 best 12-18 months ago * 0.3) + (100 best 18-24 months ago * 0.2)

This basically means that a player gets a small amount of points for beating a player with worse ranking than himself, and a bigger amount for beating a player with better ranking than himself.


Wins is quite simply the amount of times a player has won a battle.

Exp. Points

Battle Experience Points is the point system used for battles and mopobattles etc. back in the day. You get one point per player you beat plus 1, and plus 1 if you won the battle.


The relative ranking uses basically same system as the main rankings but you also lose points according to those players that beat you, like this:

NewRanking = OldRanking / (1 + 0.003 * exp(0.001 * (BeatedPlayersRanking - OldRanking)))


On the designer ranking page you can see who has made the most battle levels, which battle levels have been rated the highest and which designers have the highest average ratings of all of their levels. At most levels you need at least 10 levels to be shown. Highest rated battle only shows battle levels with at least 3 votes. Highest rated designers need at least 5 votes on any of their levels to be shown.